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Implementing a diet with liver detox properties can assist in health management using the food pyramid. Studies have proved that a diet rich in glutathione-rich foods, vitamins especially b complexes, sulfur-based amino chains and antioxidants, are essential in curing liver malfunctioning.

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The diet is not so much a regime of food intake, as a list of things which are cooling for the liver, and things which should be avoided if possible whilst we are undergoing the remedy. The Diet Cooling for the liver, and recommended for in-take. Sugar. Shri Mataji has said that sugar is the food of the liver. This is cane sugar, not beet.

4.0 Vegetarian diet. The Jaina diet is claimed to be strictly vehetarian, perchaps vegan but relaxed to contain dairy products also (lacto vegetarians). Most of the restaurants and other high end restaurants and food serving orhanizations present special Jaina menus i.e. vehetarian food without root vegetables like onion, garlic, potatoes.

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